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By : Yuvraj Jadhav 9920690842 | Posted On : 06.01.2014

Hello Dr. Sourabh Patwardhan My name is Yuvraj Jadhav I currently stay in Mumbai (Virar). Sir I have heard lot about you and your hospital. Sir I have son age 7yrs. (Atharva Jadhav) last year we have found out that his is supposed to wear large no of specs to his eyes. So we checked his eyes started wearing the same.Sir we have to check his eyes every 6 month. Sir I have attached latest eye testing report for your information and reference. Sir I request you to please let me know that Is there any way to reduce his eyes no. If you want I am ready to visit your hospital for this. Request please look in my case and give advice sir. Waiting for your favorable reply. Thank You Warm Regards

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Dr. Sourabh Patwardhan

Posted On : 07.01.2014

Dear mr jadhav First of all do not worry. Atharva has refractive error or spectacle number which has myopia (minus) and astigmatism (cylinder number with axis) But luckily his vision is only two to three lines less.he is still young so there is still scope of improving,vision by regular use of glasses and alternate patching,the eye. For glasses look for sturdy frames with adequately large size.since he has cylindrical number,if his sprctacle is tilted or twisted he will have difficulty in seeing. He needs 6 monthly checkup.also get his retina check up done if not already done by your doctor by putting,dilating drops in his eyes. Till age of 18 the number usually increases as body height increases. There is still no treatment for retarding increase in spectacle number at this point of time. Keep me updated about his vision and spectacles Regards

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