Dr. Dilip Patwardhan

Dr. Dilip C. Patwardhan

M.S, D.O.M.S. (BOM)
  • Working Since 1980
  • Started phacoemulsification since 1996
  • He has 3+ Years Experience
Dr. Madhavi Patwardhan

Dr. Madhavi D. Patwardhan

M.D, D.O.M.S.
  • Working Since 1995
  • Started Medical Retina Practice and laser machine since 1996
  • Practicing Diabetic Retinopathy treatment Patients since 15 years
Dr. Sourabh Patwardhan

Dr. Sourabh D. Patwardhan

  • Medical Director Nandadeep Netralaya
  • Started Phaco Surgery from 2006
  • Started working at Nandadeep Netralaya from 2010
  • Specialist in Complicated Cataract Surgeries & Treatment as well as surgeries of all types of Retinal Disorders
  • Specially Trained from JSEI, Los Angles & Charles Retina Institute
Dr. Nidhi Patwardhan

Dr. Nidhi S. Patwardhan

  • Passed in 2007 from AIIMS
  • Hot ICO exam merit certificate in 2012
  • Experienced in Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment
Dr. Nishant Tambe

Dr. Nishant Tambe

M.S. Ophth
  • Fellowship from NEH
  • Experienced in Cataract Surgeries & Diabetic Retinopathy evaluation
Dr. Sharad Gomase

Dr. Sharad Gomase

M.S. (AFMC), FMRF (Cornea)
  • Fellow Sankara Nethralya
  • Trained in diagnosis treatment, surgeries of corneal diseases from Sankara Netralaya, Chennai
  • Cornea Consultant
Dr. Sameer Chikodi

Dr. Sameer Chikodi

M.S. Ophth
  • Ex consultant at Bhojraj Eye Hospital Silvasa (Sankara Netralaya, Koimbature)
  • Head of Charitable Wing, Nandadeep Medical Care Foundation
  • Working experience 7 years
Dr. Sidharth Kesarwani

Dr. Sidharth Kesarwani

M.S (Gold Medal), DNB, FLVPEI, FIACO (Ped. Ophth)
  • Fellowship in Strabismus & Neuro Ophthalmology
  • Ex. HOD LVPEI, Bhubaneshwar
  • Specialist in Pediatric Disorders & Squint Treatment
Dr. Ashishkumar Ingale

Dr. Ashishkumar G. Ingale

  • Done MBBS from Rural Medical College, Loni (MUHS)-2007
  • DOMS from Ahmednagar Medical College (CPS)-2011
  • Work experience as Comprehensive Ophthalmologist for 4 years
  • He has total 7 years of experience