Pediatric Ophthalmology


At Nandadeep Hospital we provide treatment for an extensive range of pediatric eye problems such as sight-threatening conditions like pediatric glaucoma, cataract and congenital opacities of the cornea.

We also have comprehensive services in:

  • The management of squint, double vision and other disorders of eye alignment and movement, both in children and adults
  • The management of amblyopia or lazy eyes
  • Refraction in young children using eyedrops (cycloplegic refraction) for those who have difficulty getting a good refraction.
  • General eye problems such as eye sore, allergic conjunctivitis and lumps on the eyelids (stye and chalazion).
  • Providing pediatric ophthalmology consultation to doctors in the pediatric departments

When the eye of children should be checked ?

Children can’t say about their eye problems. Due to this, their eye checkup is important. If some eye diseases like cataract, glaucoma squint, retinal problems, corneal diseases & refractive errors, are not diagnosed earlier the complete blindness may occur.

When eye checkup should be done after birth ?

1) At 1st Month

2) Once in a year