Refractive Eye Surgery

ReLEx Minimal Invasive Refractive Surgery(SMILE)

  • 10 Times smaller cut than lasik
  • 3 Times effevtive than lasik
  • Reduce dryness by 10 times than lasik

Implantable Contact Lens (ICL)

ICL corrects higher degree of refractive error which cannot be done by laser treatments. Implantable contact lenses (ICL spherical /Toric) is surgically implanted in the eye between the iris and the natural crystalline lens through a small corneal incision.

Refractive Lens Exchange

In refractive lens exchange surgery the natural crystalline lens of the eye is replaced with an artificial Intra ocular lens (IOL) to achieve sharper focus, rarely it is opted for young people with very high powers. The surgical procedure is almost the same as cataract surgery and is done under local/topical anesthesia

Instruments Available

Orbscan corneal topographer, Zywave Aberrometry, Specular microscope, Keratometer (auto/manual), Ultra sound Pachymeter
  • After using spectacles power of glasses neither increases nor decreases stress on eyes is reduced while using spectacles and object of distance are seen clear.
  • Vision may reduce or squint may develop if spectacles are not use in younger age.
  • At younger age the(-) minus power spectacles increases up to 18-19 years is not treatment for there
  • After 18 years of age refractive error remains nearly same or slight change may occurs
  • In case of children the (+) plus power may reduce with increase in age. Although it may not reduce completely.
  • Most of the time the cylindrical power remains the same but with age, it may also vary.
  • Until the refractive error became stable, we don’t do any kind of refractive surgery.
  • At any age spectacles may be needed, form children to the old
  • After doing cataract surgery artificial lens is inserted in place of natural lens, usually refractive correction does not alter.


Advantage :

Easy to use, safe & cheaper
(Less expensive)

Disadvantage :

Cosmetically not good, decrease field of views (vision)

Contact Lens

Advantage :

Clearer vision, cosmetically better than spectacles.

Disadvantage :

need proper care & maintainaace & hygiene, Daily insertion & removal is required.

Contact Lens for decreasing Refractive Error of the Eye

Advantage :

No need to use spectacles or CL during day time .Patient’s aiears CL during sleeping at night.

Disadvantage :

Lens should be worn every night.