Vision Therapy

Nandadeep Eye Hospital is privileged to announce that it has started modern binocular vision clinic to diagnose and treat disorders of binocular vision with advanced vision therapy software..
This clinic is first of its kind in southern Maharashtra.

Following services will be rendered in the clinic

  • Computer vision syndrome management
  • Dichoptic amblyopia therapy
  • Ocular asthenopia and headache diagnostics
  • Convergence insufficiency, divergence excess, convergence spasm
  • comprehensive binocular Vision assessment including measurement of squint, accommodation functions, ocular vergence, EOM functions, stereopsis, contrast sensitivity and suppression scotoma.

For more details, please contact,
Mr. Sayan Mukherjee M.Optom, MIACLE
Consulting Optometrist,
Orthoptist & Vision Therapist,
Contact lens specialist