Vitreo Retinal Eye Surgery

What are the symptoms of retinal disease ?

  • Sudden or gradual decrease in vision
  • Loss of field of vision
  • Flashes of light
  • Floaters
  • Objects appearing distorted (Metamorphopsia)
  • Night Blindness

Laser Surgery Done to the Weaker Part of Retina

  • Some parts of Retina may be weak. Retina may tear in these parts. That is why, Laser should be applied beside the tearing some times, 3600 laser is done.
  • This Laser is done in OPD. So there is no Restriction to eat anything.
  • If there is retinal hole fluid with accumulate below the retina and Retina will detach.
  • This is a very serious condition, so operation should be done as soon as possible.

Causes of Retinal Hole

  • High minus power.
  • Trauma to the Eye.
  • Eye surgery.
  • Genetical Reasons.
  • Congenital eye disorder.

Revolutionary Changes in treatment of Retina

  • Advanced machine of Alcon.
  • Clear Zenon System.
  • Micro incision surgery.
  • Good Result & Fast healing.
  • Injection : Avestin,Lucentis Mocuzen T.A Prozudex
  • Laser

Revolutionary Changes in treatment of Retina

  • Diabetes.
  • Obstraction of Blood Vesseles.
  • Age related Macular degeneration
  • Retinal disorders related to very high power.
  • Injection : Avestin,Lucentis Mocuzen T.A Prozudex.
  • Retanal detachment.
  • In Flammation / Swelling of the eye or Treatment of many other diseases.

New Invention

Stem cell Treatment for Night Blindness Artificial Retina (Not available until now).

Black spot in front of the eye

  • Age Related changes in eye.
  • Liquification of vitreous that is situated behind the lens.
  • Because of this spot of different shape are seen which move as our eye moves.
  • This happens in the life time of approx. 50 to 70% People.

Reasons for Earlier Appearance of these symptoms

  • High power
  • Trauma / Swelling
  • Eye surgery

Points to remember

  • Sudden appearance of many plotting slack.
  • Lighting like appearance is seen.
  • If Vision is blurred, get your retina checked as soon as possible.

If any of these symptoms appear, this is possibility of damage to the retina. Otherwise these spot are not dangerous to the eye and will reduce within some months.


  • Scleral buckle

    The role is dosed by tieing this suckles at the periphery of eye.
  • Vitrectomy

    The whole is closed by OP from inside the eye ball. Laser is done surrounding the hole and silicon oil or gas is filled inside. It after the operation should sleep in prone position. Silicon oil or the gas helps to push the retina back to its original position.

Success Rate of Retinal Surgery

Usually: 80-90%. But in 10-20% people more than surgery is needed. Rarely retina is not fully re-attached vision after surgery depends upon the health of retina.