Diabetic Retinopathy

What does diabetic Retinopathy Mean ?

  • Change in the blood vessels of retina may occur due to increased sugar level.
  • Observation of blood vessels, Swelling, Preparation of Weak fibrous in the blood vessel.
  • If not treated hemorrhages, Retinal detachment, Retina oedema, glaucoma etc. many occur which may ultimately lead to blindness.
Healthy Retina
Retinal edema due to Diabetes
Result After Laser Treatment

Why do these Consequences Increases ?

  • Uncontrolled Sugar Level.
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Increased Cholesterol in the blood.
  • Decreased hemoglobin level in the blood.
  • Illness for a long time.
  • Chewing Tobacco, smoking.
  • Mental stress.
  • Drinking Alcohol.

We check the leakage in water rippling by timing on the water supply. In the same way we check the leakage in retina blood vessels by injection fluorescein and then licking photos.

Normal Retinal Angiogram
Diabetic Retinal Edema


Normal Retinal OCT
Diabetic Retinal Edema

Different sections are seen during C.T. scan of body, likewise C.T. scan of retina is done to view the section which helps in analysis of edema in retina and thus in the treatment also.


  • Injection : Avestin, Lucent’s, maculen, steroid. Are used to reduce the swelling/edema and increase the vision.
  • Laser : For retinal edema focal laser is done but for (checking the unwanted new blood vessels formation R.R.P. laser is done.)
  • Surgery : haemorrhage retinal traction and retinal detachment may need surgical treatment.

Laser done for Retinal Edema (Bifocal laser)

For retinal edema a low intensity laser is done. It helps by reducing the edema and stabilizing the vision.

Points to Remember :

  • To prevent blindness laser treatment in diabetic patient.
  • This laser may be needed to be done a few times Reason, damage done by diabetes may increase slowly.
  • After laser treatment sometime patient may have blur vision change in refractive error/power increase in near power blur vision at night, but this change only lasts for some time.
  • This laser treatment is done in OPD and there is no restriction in eating anything.