Optometry And Contact Lens


Contact lenses enhances the vision of the the wearer by reducing spectacle aberrations and increasing the visual field, thus giving a natural vision

Soft contact lenses

Standard Contact Lenses: These lenses are available as spherical and toric lenses, which can be used every day for about 8 hours and should be replaced yearly.

Disposable Contact Lenses: These latest generation lenses are available as spherical and toric contact lenses which can be disposed of either quarterly, monthly, fortnightly, weekly, or on a daily basis.

Cosmetic Contact lenses: As the name suggests, these lenses are worn to enhance cosmetic appearance by changing the eye color.

Bifocal Contact lenses: These lenses correct presbyopia by correcting distance vision and near vision using a single pair of contact lenses.

Semi-Soft Contact lenses: When a person is intolerant to soft contact lenses due to allergy or under correction of high astigmatism, he will be advised to wear semi-soft contact lenses.