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Nandadeep Eye Hospital has exclusive Speciality Contract Lens Clinic. Dedicated service, experienced Contract lens Specialist, latest equipments & wide range of Speciality Contact Lenses with various designs are the major qualities in solving challenging cases successfully.

The cornea is the transparent portion that covers the front surface of the eye. The important function of the cornea is to bend light and is responsible for focussing most of the light that enters the eye.

Indications for Speciality Contract Lens.

Optical indications (to improve the visual acuity)

Colour vision deficiency

Normal Vision




Treatment options for Patients with Corneal Disorder

Speciality Contract Lenses

Nandadeep Contract Lens Clinic is first of its kind in Southern Maharashtra comprising of almost all types of speciality contact lenses. This exclusive facility has been arrived as a boon for many needy patients where we have observed life changing stories.

Followings are the showcase of these extensive facilities:

Rigid gas permeable lenses

RGPs are among the most common and cost reasonable contact lenses for corneal and refractive treatment. These lenses are made of gas permeable materials, i.e. they permit oxygen to move through the lens. We have different domestic and imported RGP lenses with higher oxygen permeable features.


Paul Rose additionally redefined the ROSE K lenses to consider the irregular corneal states of patients with various corneal disorders, which require unique designs to fit easily.

Scleral Contract lenses

These lenses are most recommended and highly comfortable, steady for all categories of patients. This extraordinary lens rests on the sclera (white portion of the eye). Thus there will no touch with the cornea. These are large in size as compared to other lenses and are gas permeable enough for the edges to fit on sclera and cover a bigger segment of the sclera, while semi-scleral contacts covers a comparatively littler area. Because the focal point of scleral and semi-scleral lenses vaults over the irregular area of cornea, these lenses don’t have any significant bearing strain to the cone shaped portion and are more steady than ordinary gas permeable lenses.

Corneo-scleral lenses and semi-scleral

Lenses are much larger than conventional GP lenses and rest near the junction between the cornea and the sclera.

Mini-scleral lenses vault over the entire corneal surface and rest on the anterior sclera.

Full scleral lenses are the biggest scleral lenses and give the best measure of freedom between the back surface of the focal point and the cornea.

All scleral lenses are made with highly breathable, gas permeable lens materials. So however scleral lenses cover the whole cornea, a lot of oxygen arrives at the front surface of the eye to keep it healthy and comfortable.

Ocular surface disorders


Keratoglobus is a non-inflammatory ectatic disorder of the cornea characterized by thinning from limbus to limbus resulting in globular protrusion of the cornea.

Pellucid Marginal Corneal Degeneration

 (PMD) is a bilateral, non-inflammatory, peripheral corneal thinning disorder characterized by a peripheral band of thinning of the inferior cornea.

Corneal Opacity

The cornea is the transparent structure on the front of the eyeball. Corneal opacity is when the cornea becomes scarred. 

High astigmatism

Astigmatism is a condition where the corneal curvatures are unequal. It can occur due to congenital causes or post trauma or after corneal transplant

Corneal Ectasia

Corneal ectasia occurs when the inner layers of your cornea become weak, causing the cornea to change shape, protrude forward and distort your vision.


Corneal pannus means the growth of fine blood vessels onto the clear corneal surface.

Post corneal tear repair

After post traumatic corneal tear repair there will be irregular astigmatism.

Sports Person

Sports person needs crisp and clear as well as comfortable and steady vision uniformly.

Intolerance to Rigid Gas Permeable lenses
Steven Johnson Syndrome
SJogren Syndrome
Filamentary Keratitis

Our Contract Lens Specialist

Optom Sayan Mukherjee

Vision Therapy, Speciality Contact lens B.Optom. (WBU) , M. Optom. (NIMS, Rajasthan)

Speciality Contact lens

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