Nandadeep Eye Hospital was founded in the year 1980. Since then it has grown and became an Institute for training and one of the centers for National and International Fellowship. It has started Fellowship in Clinical Optometry with a single objective of creating the next generation Optometrists.

"We aim to infuse high professional ethics, community orientation and camaraderie in building Optometrists"

Our Vision is, To become India’s leading Ophthalmic Institute in all respects.
Our Mission is, To provide total eye care with world class quality at affordable fees achieving 100% patient satisfaction while following medicalethics.

Highlights Of The Program

  1. Case based learning
  2. All Optometry specialities under one roof
  3. Latest diagnostic tools
  4. Didactic lectures
  5. Clinical Research
  6. Adequate hands-on training
  7. Community Eye Care

Fellowship Programs at Nandadeep

*provision of stipend is subjected to performance

Comprehensive Fellowship Course Module

  1. Pediatric Refraction & Evaluation
  2. Orthoptics & Vision Therapy
  3. Advance Ocular Diagnostics
  4. Low Vision & Rehabilitation
  5. Dry Eye & Computer Vision Syndrome
  6. Public Eye Health & Community Eye Care
  7. Research Methodology & Journal Club
School of Optometry School of Optometry

Post Graduate Fellowship in Comprehensive Clinical Optometry followed by Apprenticeship Course module

  1. Specialty contact lens and anterior Segment
  2. Pediatric Refraction & Evaluation
  3. Orthoptics & Vision Therapy
  4. Advance Ocular Diagnostics
  5. Low Vision & Rehabilitation
  6. Dry Eye & Computer Vision Syndrome
  7. Public Eye Health & Community Eye Care
  8. Research Methodology & Journal Clubs
  9. PD Handling Training

Speciality Contact Lens & Anterior Segment Course Overview

  • School of Optometry
  • School of Optometry
  • School of Optometry
  • School of Optometry
  • School of Optometry
  1. Case specific history
  2. Refraction procedures in irregular corneas
  3. Differential diagnosis of anterior segment diseases
  4. Hands-on and analyzation of various anterior segment advanced diagnostic tests
  5. Clinical Photography
  6. Patient Selection
  7. Case based indications
  8. Types of Lenses
  9. Parameter selection
  10. Role of Diagnostics
  11. Fitting Philosophy
  12. Work-up & Documentation
  13. Insertion & Removal
  14. Care & Maintenance
  15. Case Discussions

Pediatric Refraction & Evaluation Course Overview

  1. Case specific history taking in different Pediatric cases
  2. Vision assessment and use of visual acuity charts of different pediatric age groups
  3. Different refraction procedures and techniques in pediatric cases
  4. Role of cycloplegia in pediatric refraction
  5. Art of prescribing glasses in pediatrics
  6. Ocular motility and squint evaluation
  7. Congenital anomalies
  8. Pediatric Optometry Work-up and documentation
  9. Case Discussions
  • School of Optometry
  • School of Optometry

Orthoptics & Vision Therapy Course Overview

  • School of Optometry
  • School of Optometry
  1. Concept of Binocular Single Vision: grades and assessment
  2. Strabismus: types, evaluation and management
  3. Non Strabismic Binocular Disorders and management
  4. Amblyopia
  5. Art of prescribing prisms
  6. Orthoptic work-up and management
  7. Software based vision therapy
  8. Case Discussions

Advance Ocular Diagnostics Course Overview

  1. Case Specific diagnostic protocols
  2. Role of diagnostics for differential diagnosis
  3. Optics and Principle of various Instruments
  4. Procedure
  5. Report writing
  6. Interpretation
  7. Case Discussions
  • School of Optometry
  • School of Optometry

Dry Eye & Computer Vision Syndrome Course Overview

  • School of Optometry
  • School of Optometry
  • School of Optometry
  1. Case based history taking
  2. Role of diagnostics
  3. Clinical presentation and differential diagnosis of dry eye
  4. Dry Eye Work-up and documentation
  5. Conventional and Intense pulsed light therapy
  6. Ergonomics
  7. Case Discussions

Low Vision & Rehabilitation

  1. Extent of low vision
  2. Case specific history taking
  3. Functional vision assessment
  4. Low vision examination
  5. Low vision devices and their uses
  6. Practical approach with devices and assistive technology
  7. Establishing a low vision clinic
  8. Case Discussions
  • School of Optometry
  • School of Optometry

Public Eye Health & Community Eye Care

  1. Basic understanding of epidemiology and its use in Ophthalmology/Optometry
  2. Introduction to Public eye health
  3. Field exposure of a community screening
  4. Understanding types of sampling
  5. Application of clinical skills in community eye screening

Research Methodology & Journal Club Course Overview

  1. Introduction to Research: types and importance
  2. Steps of Research Methodology
  3. Search Strategies
  4. Research Designs & Methods
  5. Tools of Data Collection
  6. Basic Sampling Techniques
  7. Clinical Research Projects
  8. Project Outcomes

Fellowship Program Details

Start Date Anytime of the year
Duration Depends upon type of Fellowship programme enrolled
Eligibility Criteria Bachelor/Master of Optometry from recognized College/Institute/University under UGC
Application Process Download Application Form, Click Here
candidate should download and fill the form and mail at along with original scanned images of semester/year wise marksheets Apply Now
Selection Process Candidates are selected basedonmerit and interpersonal skills via online interview session by Nandadeep Faculty Team
Accommodation & Food Facilities Shared Accommodation available in apartments (separate for boys & girls) at walking distance from hospital, Tiffin delivery services (Veg & Non-veg) available for lunch & dinner; students can prepare own food at rooms
Accommodation & Food Charges Accommodation charges approx Rs 3,500/- monthly
Food charges approx Rs 2,000/- monthly
Requirements Streak Retinoscope (Heine, Welch Allyn preferable), Full sleeve white apron without any logo, Pen torch, Ruler, Pocket Diary
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Contact Us

For further details, contact Mr. Sayan Mukherjee (M.Optom), Head of Nandadeep School of Optometry