A minimally-invasive treatment for short-sightedness.
  • Fast & Precise
  • Flapless
  • Painless
  • Bladeless
Refractive Eye Surgery to get free from Glasses and Contact Lenses

Nivedita is a chirpy young girl who dreams of doing wonderful things in life. Every morning she wakes up with a zest to do something better. She looks into the mirror to soar her spirits but there is something that holds her back. Nivedita needs a pair of glasses to see her own image.

Millions across the world rely on spectacles or lenses for precise vision. And you just might be one of them. The solution is at your doorstep - advanced laser refractive technology can free you from your dependence on eye glasses, helping you to lead an active life.

Refractive surgery is swiftly transforming vision correction processworld over with impressive results. Common vision problems like near sightedness, far sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia can now be treated with laser technology.

At Nandadeep Eye Hospital, we offer you the state-of-the-art instrumentation blended with the expertise of highly skilled doctors that ensures utmost care for your eyes. Nandadeep Eye Hospital is proud to be one of the select centres in India to offer you the most advanced 3rd generation SMILE procedure. NandadeepNetralaya offers all the three generations of Laser Vision Correction.

Advancement over LASIK / Femto-LASIK

The 3rd generation of Laser Vision Correction, ReLex SMILE is a breakthrough in laser technology offering a whole new level of precision, safety and comfort. In fact, you might just experience the world through a whole new lens-your natural ones. ReLex SMILE is a pain free, minimally invasive approach with the advantage of a 100% blade–free laser vision correction. This procedure involves no corneal flaps; refractive changes are made in the intact cornea itself.

Unlike the conventional procedures, ReLex SMILE involves the creation of an extremely thin 3D layer in your intact cornea, corresponding to your refractive number that needs correction. This is then extracted out through a small keyhole incision of about 2-4mm only. As a result, the cornea gets reshaped to correspond to the ideal shape for correct vision. Entirely laser controlled, it is done in a few seconds- precise, safe and comfortable.

The ReLEx SMILE technique is performed using the highly precise and advanced VisuMax femtosecond laser from Carl Zeiss AG, Germany. This laser system has impressed both the patients and the physicians alike with its sophisticated technology and its precision and reliability. ReLEx SMILE using VisuMax promises accuracy down to the nearest micrometer precision.

Nandadeep Eye Hospital has invested in this amazing state-of-the-art technology to provide the best of the technology and care to our patients. Speak to us to know how SMILE can truly make you smile.

ReLEx SMILE Advantages

PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy)

The 1st generation of laser vision correction. The technique involves ablation of the corneal epithelial layer.
Laser Eye operation to reduce or eliminate the need for eye glasses or contact lenses

PRK is the first generation laser procedure to improve vision and reduce or eliminate the need for eye glasses or contact lenses.PRK is characterized by surface ablation surgery, where the epithelial layer of cornea is ablated to allow the excimer laser to correct cornea. Once the visual defect is corrected, a protective lens is placed over the eye until epithelium grows back within a few hours. Although there are other well established laser vision correction techniques, PRK is still well accepted.

Visual recovery following PRK treatment generally takes longer than with other procedures and can be accompanied by some discomfort.

At Nandadeep, we use the most efficient and robust excimer laser in the world, the MEL 80 Excimer laser from Carl Zeiss, Germany, to deliver best-in-class results.

PRK is usually recommended for those who


Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis or LASIK is the 2nd generation of laser vision correction. This technique involves creation of a flap on the cornea for the laser to correct the visual defect.

LASIK is an FDA approved and effective way to correct vision. The need for wearing eye glasses arises due to changes in the shape of the cornea. LASIK involves using a cold laser beam to reshape the cornea and make it closer to its ideal shape.

A flap is created on the corneal surface using precision instrument calledmicrokeratome, following which an excimer laser reshapes the cornea and there by corrects the visual defect.

As compared to PRK, the initial discomfort is milder and for much shorter duration. The speed of visual recovery is also relatively faster with LASIK.

At Nandadeep, we use the most advanced state-of –the-art laser system from Carl Zeiss, Germany – the world leaders in medical technology. The MEL-80 laser system is designed to deliver high resolution vision with a custom treatment unique to your eyes only. When combined with Nandadeep’sstate-of-art operating theatres and highly skilled surgeons, we give each patient the best possible chance for an uncompromisingly superb quality of vision, free from glasses and contacts.

Bladeless LASIK

Femtosecond Lasik

An advanced version of LASIK, this is a bladeless procedure. In this case, an ultra-precise Femto- laser (VisuMax from Carl Zeiss, Germany) is used to create the flap which results in greater accuracy and ensures faster visual recovery.

Advantages over LASIK & PRK